The Gold Standard: Lab Based  Nutrition Therapy

Lab Based Nutrition is a science-based look at nutritional strengths and deficiencies through an individual’s blood test. This objective approach can offer a clear and individualized plan for determining and monitoring nutritional recommendations that can have a positive effect on your overall health, reduce drug dependency,  and more importantly, increase life expectancy.

Physical Exam

A comprehensive physical examination is performed to determine overall fitness and health.

Blood Testing

A Symptom Survey form is filled out and a comprehensive blood chemistry panel  is ordered.

Personalized Nutrition

A customized nutrition plan is developed based on objective and scientific findings.

Nutrition Testing Fees 

*Most insurance companies do not pay for Nutrition Testing.  Call your Insurance plan to see if Nutrient Deficiency Evaluation is a covered benefit.

Physical Exam



Symptom Survey and Blood Test 



Nutrition Plan

Varies per Individual

Average Cost: 

$50-300 per month​